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Welcome to Back East Craniosacral And Massage Therapy!


CranioSacralTherapy  is a light touch treatment complimenting your bodies natural healing abilities.

Addressing the brain, spinal cord, sacrum as well as the tissue surrounding it, CranioSacral is done on the clothed client in a private setting. An excellent bolster for your immune system as your stress level is decreased, CranioSacral Therapy has also proven effective in the treatment of headaches, chronic fatigue as well as chronic neck and back pain.


Massage Therapy  is an amazing and effective way to maintain wellness in addition to addresing a wide range of musculoskelatal pain and tension. Deep Tissue is available for the chronic pain sufferer with specific issues addressed.Also excellent for the weekend warrior and athlete. Swedish is a complete body relaxation, addressing every issue from head to toe.

Pre natal massage  is a fantastic and much needed relief for mom's to be, promoting relaxation and of course, decreasing those pesky stress hormones.

Hot Stone  is a total relaxation experience, done with stones hand plucked from the luscious Atlantic shores.



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